The aim of BrightnESS is to support the construction of ESS in key technical areas and in-kind coordination. The grant provides resources for the development, testing and optimisation of ESS’s state-of-the-art technologies.

Besides the official deliverables of BrightnESS, which will ensure that the relevant commitments of the project have officially been made, the project will result in various scientific output to the benefit of not only the ESS, but also the broader neutron science community.

The Results section will continuously present the progress of BrightnESS, categorised into the following areas:

The Scientific articles section features content from journals or conferences where the involved scientists present the scientific progress of ESS and BrightnESS.

The Project progress section presents a broader category with content such as non-scientific articles and features about the reached milestones and progress in the BrightnESS Work Packages.

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