The European Spallation Source ERIC is supported by a number of partner countries and is part of several community networks with the purpose of building an ESS that can deliver high impact scientific and technological knowledge.

For instance, the members of the ESS ILO Network provide first-hand information on business and collaboration opportunities with ESS for their respective partner countries.

The many networks related to ESS range from universities and research institutes to innovation ecosystems and industry. One of the key objectives of BrightnESS is to strengthen the community building between members of the supply chain and stakeholders. The goal is to gain future users trust from science and industry by means of expanding the ESS community and network and to raise awareness for ESS as the role model for managing large-scale In-kind Contributions to Research Infrastructures.

As part of the ESS collaboration building and outreach, six Regional Hubs are established to ensure that relevant local activities to raise awareness for ESS are supported. In addition these activities will support the exchange of best practice among Research Infrastructures, which are built with a significant amount of In-kind Contributions.