In-Kind Field Coordinators

The In-Kind Field Coordinators of BrightnESS Work Package 2 work with maximising the possibility for ESS and In-Kind partner organisations to deliver value during the Construction Phase through In-Kind Contributions, according to the ESS IKC Process as well as to minimise and mitigate the risks associated with those contributions.

Click on the names, to open e-mail links to the individual In-Kind Field Coordinators.

Regional Hub Institutes In-Kind Field Coordinators


TU Delft

From STFC:
  • philippa.kingston [at] (Philippa Kingston (leader))
  • justin.greenhalgh [at] (Justin Greenhalgh)

 From TU Delft:

  • a.g.a.verhoeven [at] (Toon Verhoeven)
Central FZJ
  • [at] (Tania Claudio Weber (leader))
Iberia ESS Bilbao
  • fgtoriello [at] (Fiamma Garcia-Toriello (leader))
  • eabad [at] (Estefania Abad Garcia )
Gallia CEA
  • florence.ragon [at] (Florence Ragon (leader))
  • antoine.dael [at] (Antoine Dael)




From INFN:

  • paolo.mereu [at] (Paolo Mereu (leader) )
  • ornella.leonardi [at] (Ornella Leonardi)
  • miraglia [at] (Andrea Miraglia)

From BNC:

  • csanady.daniel [at] (Dániel Csanády)

Nordic-Baltic ESS
  • Milos.Davidovic [at] (Miloš Davidović)
  • Carlo.Bocchetta [at] (Carlo J. Bocchetta)


  • Jazmin.BarretoHamneby [at] (Jazmin Barreto Hamneby)