VAT Workshop in Lund

The workshop "VAT exposure related to ESS Installations in Sweden" took place in Lund on 4-5 July 2018. The workshop aimed to clarify some of the complexity of potential VAT risks related to In-Kind installations:

  • The sharing and deeper understanding of possible VAT risks which In-Kind Partners may face in Sweden.
  • Equip In-Kind Partners with general information regarding the steps they need to take to evaluate their own tax liability in Sweden.
  • Provide a Q&A session with local VAT experts with user case scenarios


8.30: Welcome & Purpose of the Meeting - Agneta Nestenborg (download presentation) and Carlo Bocchetta (download presentation)

08:45: ESS and Installations - Mikael Jacobsson (download presentation)

09:10: General introduction to VAT & VAT exemptions for ERICs - Jerker Westerstrom (download presentation)

09:55: Swedish VAT consequences for foreign actors - Björn Anefur (download presentation)

11:00 Joint Session – Identifying Key Topics (Risks) Partners & ESS

13:00: Split-groups for Round Table Discussions Partners & ESS

14:00: Presenting results of Round Table Discussions Partners & ESS

14:50: Q&A Session - Jerker Westerstrom

15:30: Summary of the Meeting - Jerker Westerstrom

15:50: Closing Remarks - Agneta Nestenborg