The deliverables of BrightnESS² consist of a number of reports, divided into each of the work packages, which will ensure that the relevant commitments of the project have officially been made. The reports for the deliverables will be publically accessible from this page, as the project progresses.

Work Package 1: Project coordination

1.2: Data Management Plan
1.3: Minutes of the second General Assembly
1.4: Minutes of the third General Assembly
1.5: Minutes of the closing project meeting and the final General Assembly

Work Package 2: A strategy to deliver neutrons for Europe and beyond

2.10: Common roadmap and implementation strategy for future neutron capability
2.1: Calibration protocol for all strain scanning instruments and definition of criteria for the Neutron Quality Label
2.2: Definition of common goals
2.3: Report on user needs
2.4: Report on user needs in South Africa
2.5: Intermediate report on methodological needs
2.6: Results from experiments with industrial partners and Neutron Quality Label applied
2.7: Report on deuteration for soft matter and life sciences: Experimental results
2.8: Report on lessons learned from engineering and deuteration pilot
2.9: Report on synergies with other RIs

Work Package 3: In-kind contribution management

3.1: Agreed joint working practices
3.2: 1st Annual IKC Progress Report
3.3: 2nd Annual IKC Progress Report
3.4: Lessons learnt from IKC on ESS
3.5: 3rd Annual IKC Progress Report

Work Package 4: Innovation and industry

4.1: Evolvement potential of the ESS ILO Network
4.2: Strategic roadmap for technological upgrades of ESS
4.3: Cross-border activities
4.4: Processes and procedures for targeted access routes
4.5: Service catalogue
4.6: Report on capacity building

Work Package 5: International outreach, communication and dissemination for impact

5.1: BrightnESS² website
5.2: Stakeholder engagement and enlargement activities I
5.3: Stakeholder engagement and enlargement activities II
5.4: Socio-economic impact of ESS
5.5: Stakeholder engagement and enlargement activities III

Work Package 6: Ethics requirements

6.1: H – Requirement No. 1 (confidential)
6.2: POPD – Requirement No. 2 (confidential)