The deliverables of BrightnESS consist of a number of reports, divided into each of the work packages, which will ensure that the relevant commitments of the project have officially been made. The reports for the deliverables will be publically accessible from this page, as the project progresses.

Work Package 1: Project Management

1.4: 2nd Agenda and minutes of yearly General Assembly
1.5: Agenda and minutes of all Steering Board meetings
1.6: 3rd Agenda and minutes of yearly General Assembly

Work Package 2: Strengthening In-Kind Contribution and Coordination

2.5: 2nd Annual IKC Progress Assessment
2.6: Revision of IKC Best practice online platform
2.7: IKC Work Package Assignment Plan

Work Package 3: Organisational Innovation

3.1: “ERIC Risk and Opportunity Plan”
3.2: Determine TT strategy and policy
3.3: Invitation to Market Consultation
3.4: Tender documents for PPI
3.5: ERIC Operations Programme
3.6: TTO industry agreement

Work Package 4: Innovation of Key Neutronic Technologies: Detectors and Moderators

4.10: Test for technology demonstrator
4.11: Standarised test procedures for performance of detectors for early ESS instruments
4.12: Reflectometry detectors
4.13: Module for NMX detector
4.14: Large area detector spectrometry
4.15: Final verification of BRR moderator
4.6: Detector characterisation
4.7: Report on the conception design of the ESS and the BRR test beamline
4.8: Monte Carlo simulations for early ESS instruments
4.9: Detector electronics chain

Work Package 5: Real-Time Management of ESS Data

5.3: Beta-version data aggregator software
5.4: Report filed data acquisition
5.5: Data aggregator software
5.6: Software neutron event data processing
5.7: Software fast field acquisition

Work Package 6: Collaboration, Communication and Dissemination

6.2: Results of target group online survey
6.3: Three new ILO Nodes
6.4: Three new ESS Member Countries (Full Member, Oberserver, Associated Country)