Work Package 2: Strengthening In-Kind Contribution and Coordination

MS05: 3rd Organisation of annual IKC conferences

Work Package 3: Organisational Innovation

MS09: 1st Organisation of 2 TTO conferences
MS10: Identification of one suitable PPI
MS11: 2nd Organisation of 2 TTO conferences

Work Package 4: Innovation of Key Neutronic Technologies: Detectors and Moderators

MS25: Evaluation of possible ultra-high resolution detector
MS26: Verification of prototype components (BRR &ESS)
MS27: Simulations for early ESS instruments and standarised procedures
MS28: Verification of moderator and ESPI components
MS29: 1st Detector construction
MS30: 2nd Detector construction
MS31: Module of detector ready for deployment

Work Package 5: Real-Time Management of ESS Data

MS33: Event data software test
MS34: 2nd Integrated software test
MS35: Final software delivery

Work Package 6: Collaboration, Communication and Dissemination

MS41: Outreach Activity Plans for each Cluster