Work Package 1: Project coordination

MS15: First Periodic Report - M20
MS16: Mid-term Review - M22

Work Package 2: A strategy to deliver neutrons for Europe and beyond

MS04: First workshop in South Africa - M10
MS09: Meeting to collect international input - M13
MS10: Second workshop in South Africa - M22
MS13: Specifications and requirements ready - M18
MS14: Presentation of D2.3 by ENSA in preparation of D2.5 - M19
MS20: First experimental results based on the engineering and life sciences pilots - M30

Work Package 3: In-kind contribution management

MS02: First IKC Field Coordinators Workshop - M4
MS11: Second IKC Field Coordinators Workshop - M16
MS19: Third IKC Field Coordinators Workshop - M28

Work Package 4: Innovation and industry

MS03: First interactive ILO workshop - M6
MS05: Establishment of the external Industry Advisory Board - M13
MS06: Follow-up interactive ILO workshop - M15
MS07: Establishment of an internal Innovation Board at ESS - M15
MS17: Presentation of the ESS Access Policy to the Council - M42

Work Package 5: International outreach, community engagement and dissemination for impact

MS01: First Activity Plan for outreach and enlargement - M3
MS08: Second Activity Plan for outreach and enlargement - M13
MS12: Presentation of the ESS socio-economic impact assessment approach and first results in international fora - M18
MS18: Third Activity Plan for outreach and enlargement - M25