Characterization of Thermal Neutron Beam Monitors

F. Issa, A. Khaplanov, R. Hall-Wilton, I. Llamas, M. Dalseth Riktor, S. R. Brattheim, H. Perrey
Physical Review Accelerators and Beams (PRAB)

Neutron beam monitors with high efficiency, low gamma sensitivity, high time and space resolution are required in neutron beam experiments to continuously diagnose the delivered beam. In this work, commercially available neutron beam monitors have been characterized using the R2D2 beamline at IFE (Norway) and using a Be-based neutron source. For the gamma sensitivity measurements different gamma sources have been used. The evaluation of the monitors includes, the study of their efficiency, attenuation, scattering and sensitivity to gamma. In this work we report the results of this characterization

Characterization of Thermal Neutron Beam Monitors