The environment within the operational ESS technical installation is somewhat hostile with significant radiation being present from the iron source to the neutron instruments themselves. The Vacuum Section at ESS is concerned with the application of vacuum technology and the radiation challenge on the systems, and helping all other groups at ESS, from the technical installations to the design of scientific instrumentation. The focus is on the tests and findings related solution for vacuum pumps, vacuum instruments and individual components. At ESS there are many turbo vacuum pumps with specific requirements. The selection and design have very much been relying on the team professional experience and recommendations from other facilities, both neutron facilities and, to a large extent, on colliders and synchrotrons around the world. 


  • The design and technologies in turbo vacuum pumps at ESS have been considerably optimised and tailored to the hostile radiation environment.
  • An accessible and comprehensive ESS material database for vacuum components has been established.
  • Several engineering and manufacturing guidelines have been established for:
    • Standards for vacuum,
    • Cleaning components,
    • Vacuum welding,
    • Materials for vacuum,
    • Good practices in the field.
  • The ESS Vacuum documents (handbooks, rules and/or interface) are now the major requirement documents for the Accelerator, Target and instruments and is applicable to all ESS In-kind Partners.
  • ESS has established standardised requirements and specifications for material in high radiation environments.


  • Contribution to industrial standards for medium to high radiated environments and by that defining usable Commercial-off-the-shell (COTS) products. Other target industries could be: Nuclear power plants, scientific facilities, space applications, etc.
  • Product referencing for various manufactures i.e. first company has requested permission for ESS reference in their specification.
  • Possible spin-out of unique knowledge and competence to a commercial company to maintain resources and impact in the field.
  • Platform for expansion to cover other ESS components in radiated areas where this may be appropriate.
  • Seek external funding for the further development, dissemination and scope expansion to share and cover a wider technological area.