BrightnESS Hub Coordinators

The Hub Coordinators of BrightnESS Work Package 6 are occupied with expanding the ESS community and network. The Hubs are divided into regional areas and all work with community building tailored to their specific target groups.

Click on the names, to open e-mail links to the individual Hub Coordinators. 


Regional Hub                      Institutes          Hub Coordinators


TU Delft

  •  julie.bellingham [at] (Julie Bellingham) (STFC)
  • a.g.a.verhoeven [at] (Toon Verhoeven) (TU Delft)
Central PSI
  • knud.thomsen [at] (Knud Thomsen)
Iberia ESS Bilbao
  • scordon [at] (Sira Cordón)
Gallia CEA
  • antoine.dael [at] (Antoine Dael)
  • florence.ragon [at] (Florence Ragon)
South-East BNC
  • fabian.margit [at] (Margit Fábián) (BNC)
Nordic-Baltic ESS
  • marina.giampietro [at] (Marina Giampietro)